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Stalinist “Historians” spread the big lie

The Babri Masjid built on the site of the Rama-Janmabhumi at Ayodhya is verily the tip of an iceberg which remains submerged in the hundreds of histories written by Muslim historians, in Hindu literary sources which are slowly coming to light, in the accounts of foreign travelers who visited India and the neighboring lands during medieval and modern times, and above all in the reports of the archaeological surveys carried out in all those countries which had been for long the cradles of Hindu culture.


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Sita Ram Goel was a writer and religious-political activist. He is well-known for his prominent books like “How I became Hindu”, “The Calcutta Quran Petition” and “The Rishi of a resurgent India” to name a few. Sita Ram Goel was also known for his writing style and most of his books comprised of the class between Hinduism and Islam as the theme. Now you can find books by Sita Ram Goel on Kapot.

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