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Love Jihad or Predatory Dawah?: Shocking Ground Stories of Conversion

What are the real heartbreaking stories of Non-Muslim women (and men) in inter-faith relationships with Muslims? What are the basic legal and social implications of such alliances that both men and women entering them should know? Are such relationships based on a premise of religious superiority and hegemony of Islam? Is there either ‘Love’ or ‘Jihad’ imbibed in such relationships? Were inter-faith unions a mechanism for the spread of Islam? Can such liasions survive the pre-requisites of Shariah law? And is the overwhelming complexity and brutality of such relationships a manifestation of predatory Dawah?

These fundamental questions are addressed in this book which is based on primary research by Group of Intellectuals and Academicians (GIA).


Due to the rhetoric and aggressive discourse building on ‘Love-Jihad’ done by comprador media and embedded agencies of the international Left, genuine tragedy and loss faced by victims has been denied.

This book lays bare the agony of victims and families who have been targeted by predatory Dawah-A larger and more fundamental push for conversion by many means.

This includes targeted weaponisation of love, sexual predation, economic exploitation, compulsion to fight religious wars (Jihad) etc.

Unless society and law recognize the sufferings of these victims, justice for these women is a far cry. This book is an important reading for parents and youth as well as a call for recognition for the severe gender injustice committed against the documented individuals.

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AUTHOR: Monicca Agarwaal Monika Arora Shruti Mishra Sonali Chitalkar
PUBLISHER: Garuda Prakashan
ISBN: 9781942426639
Pages: 236

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