All Religions Are Not The Same


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“All Religions Are Not the Same” by Sanjay Dixit offers a systematic, rational, and experiential exploration of the differences between religions, delving into how they view human beings, society, knowledge, the universe, and the ultimate purpose of life. The book is marked by its clarity and discernment, avoiding political posturing and instead providing a scientific discourse on the fundamental distinctions between religions, particularly emphasizing the unique nature of Sanatana Dharma within its own cultural and philosophical context.


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“Sanjay Dixit is becoming one of the most important intellectual and media voices in India today. What is most notable about his current book All Religions Are Not the Same is the systematic, rational, experiential and concise manner in which he explains the many notable differences between religions. This extends to how different religions look at the human being, society, knowledge, the nature of the universe and the true goal of life. His book is not the product of emotion or political posturing, but arises from well thought out clarity and discernment. He is not promoting any platitudes, bowing down to any faith, or ignoring major distinctions between religions so as not to offend anyone. He reveals the fundamental differences between religions on the inner and the outer, the individual and the collective, at human and cosmic levels, much like a scientific discourse.

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