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Cultural Astronomy and Cosmic Order

This book presents an appraisal of cultural astronomy and cosmic order among sacred cities of India, illustrated with Khajuraho, Gaya, Vindhyachal, Varanasi, and Chitrakut. The book explains a fresh writ of integrity, harmony, cultural astronomical reflections, and is profusely illustrated with designs and figures of which Rana Singh is a master craftsman. – Prof. John McKim Malville, APSC, University of Colorado, Boulder, U.S.A. The book is helpful in our understanding of the visions of the cosmos underlying sacred cities of India. The book provides insights that will be useful in anthropology, archaeoastronomy, geography, and religious studies. -Padmashree’ Prof. Subhash Kak, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, U.S.A. The author extends the study of sacred environments as embodied in geography, religious architecture, cityscapes, and ritual. This book opens valuable new areas of investigation and is destined to become a major work in the field.— Prof. Nicholas Campion, Director SCSCC, The University of Wales, Lampeter, U.K. From astronomy to mythology, Rana Singh explores the very essence of Indian worldview/ cosmology articulated in its material culture and provides further evidence defining the role of sky-watching within this ancient culture. – Prof. Stanislaw Iwaniszewski, National School of Anthropology & History, Mexico City. This ground-breaking work radically transforms our understanding of Indian ethnoastronomy and religious culture. Prof. Audrius Beinorius, Director, Centre of Oriental Studies, Vilnius University, Lithuania The book has expanded the horizon of geography interfaced with astronomy and landscape architecture, making a new path to cosmic understanding. Prof. R. B. Singh, Secretary-General IGU, University of Delhi, India. Prof. Rana P.B. Singh (b. 15-12-1950), MA, PhD, FJF & FIFSS (Japan), FAAI (Italy), FACLA (Korea), ‘Ganga- Ratna’, & ‘Koshal-Ratna’, has been Professor of Cultural Landscapes & Heritage Studies, and Head of the D

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