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World Herbal Encyclopedia (English)

The World Herbal Encyclopedia is a unique endeavor to gather the scattered knowledge of all medicinal plants and their widespread uses at one place. It is an extensive collection of medicinal plants used in different traditional medicinal system across the globe. This Encyclopedia which is one of its kinds, discloses the information about almost all known and unknown medicinal plants. These plants have been explained elaborately from the point of view of their traditional uses. Moreover, it is the first treatise where around 60,000 medicinal plants of the world are given entirely new Sanskrit nomenclature (in binomial pattern) from family up to genus and species level, describing the base of origin of nomenclature in scientific terms. The book also describes about the origin of names of different families and genus. Along with this, the book includes external features (morphology) of the plants, experimental pharmacological studies, chemical constitutions, medicinal properties and toxicological effects. Further, it explains various medicinal uses of plants in different medicine systems, traditional medicines as well as in folk medicines which are popular across the world. It is a unique blend of traditional herbalism with evidence-based research and modern uses. It contains world class authenticity in the identification of medicinal plants with regard to their recent and correct botanical names, local names, ancient Sanskrit names, etc. This is a first book on medical herbalism that describes all groups of plant kingdom including medicinal, fresh water, sea plants (algae), fungi, lichens, bryophytes, pteridophytes, gymnosperms and angiosperms. The book evidently contains the history of world’s traditional medicinal systems and their status in the present era. A web-portal of this encyclopedic work is also going to be launched shortly.


Patanjali-Divya Prakashan

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