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Talks on Zen Buddhism

In these delightful and playful talks, available for the first time in one volume, Osho introduces the mystery, the wonder, and the emptiness that is Zen. He uses the poetry of one of the most outrageous Zen masters, Ikkyu, to show the ways and methods a Zen master uses to permanently transform, rather than simply inform.

Osho and Ikkyu’s whole message is about how to experience the essence of emptiness: that blissful state of no-mind where all old conditionings are gone and man is free just to be himself. As Osho speaks of Ikkyu, and answers people’s questions, he is also speaking of himself. As he speaks of who Ikkyu is, he is revealing more about himself.

These talks can change the life of anyone who has an open mind. Osho’s words are a fire that burns away old enslaving concepts, and fears that have constricted people’s lives for millenia. He gives a fresh, new understanding of himself, and shows how each person can find the way to light his own path.


Chapter Titles
Chapter 1: The Essence of Emptiness

Chapter 2: Death in the Ego Is Life in Love

Chapter 3: All Is Happening Now

Chapter 4: Live Dangerously!

Chapter 5: …and We Are in Love

Chapter 6: A Good Kick in the Pants

Chapter 7: Allow Reality to Reveal Itself

Chapter 8: Great Trust in Life

Chapter 9: Zen: A Transfer of Consciousness

Chapter 10: Only Man Is Capable of Boredom

Chapter 11: The Opening of Your Inner Core

Chapter 12: Out of Emptiness, Fullness is Born

Chapter 13: Religion Is Rebellion

Chapter 14: Becoming Is the Most Impossible Thing

Chapter 15: Existence Is Made of the Stuff Called Love

Chapter 16: It Ain’t Easy!

Chapter 17: The Law of Buddhas

Chapter 18: The Flight of the Alone to the Alone

Chapter 19: Coming Close to Emptiness

Chapter 20: Seeking: The Source of All Tensions

Chapter 21: Choicelessness Brings You to the Whole

Chapter 22: Search for Your Own Path

Chapter 23: Breakfast Is More Important than Paradise

Chapter 24: Free from the Self Itself

Chapter 25: Waiting for a Sweet One

Chapter 26: A Way of Life

Chapter 27: Existence Is a Festival

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