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Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa

There was a priest in Kali Maa’s temple at Dakshineshwar, who remained immersed in divine devotion during his entire lifetime. This book presents his life-story and teachings.
From his childhood till the time that he left his mortal body, his life was replete with various incidents that convey the depth of devotion. These incidents have been narrated with their deeper connotation in this book. This book relates the saga of how human life can go through highs and lows to attain its highest potential.
Written in a simple and lucid manner, this book reveals the hidden deep knowledge behind the conversations between the master, Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and his disciples that paved the way to the formation of the Ramakrishna Mission.
Shri Ramakrishna’s honest attitude and his pristine wisdom have the power of awakening devotion in people even today. This book unravels the mysteries behind his peculiar ways, bringing forth the profound wisdom hidden behind his idiosyncrasies.
Let us read the life of this epitome of divine devotion and awaken the thirst for the truth and faith in the divine essence.


About Author- Sirshree

Sirshree is an awakened master and the author of numerous spiritual books. His spiritual quest, which began during his childhood, led him on a journey through various schools of thought and meditation practices. He has dedicated his life towards elevating consciousness and making the spiritual pursuit simple and accessible to all. He has delivered more than 3,000 discourses on profound aspects of life based on the ultimate truth. His retreats have transformed the lives of thousands and his teachings have inspired various social initiatives for raising global consciousness.
Sirshree’s works include more than a hundred books, translated in more than ten languages and published by leading publishers.

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Author – Sirshree
Publisher – Prabhat Prakashan
ISBN – 9789353228422
Language – English
Edition – 2019
Pages – 160
Binding – Hard Cover

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