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Nirantar Safar

I started my autobiography Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master with the words ‘Let the journey begin’. The last chap¬ter was titled ‘The journey continues’. So, completing the autobiography was not the end of the journey and now we begin another journey together into new vistas. A unique and, in many instances, an unbelievably strange journey. You may dismiss it as fiction or due to my unusually fertile imagination or just plain lies or conclude that I have finally gone bonkers. Be that as it may, if you find the jour¬ney interesting and contributing in some way to opening up your mind to newer ways of perception or even bringing up a thought like ‘yeah, perhaps there are more unknown vistas to which consciousness can expand than the so-called rational brain can think of’, I have done my job. Bear in mind friends, that the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction and some yogis have even called the solid world we swear by an illusion, a construct of the mind. There is no strict chronological order though. Each chapter is complete by itself and can be read independently. So dear reader, Sangacchadvam – Let’s walk together once more. Sri M

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Author: Sri M
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