About Life Is a Soap Bubble
The one hundred short passages in this book are full of diverse, pertinent gems. They will touch your heart and your being. They will inspire your life, showing you how to turn each and every moment into bliss.

If you have come to the point where you feel there must be something more to life and are ready to explore other dimensions of your being, this collection of thoughts will provide an essential road map.

“I teach discontent. I teach you to be discontented with just being a person. Human life is just a temporary stopover on the whole journey of life, not the final destination. And those who take it to be the final destination waste a priceless opportunity to rise beyond man. We are a midpoint in a long process of evolution. Our past was part of the journey and so is our future. Evolution does not end with us, it will transcend us also.” Osho


Letters 1 – 100

Excerpt from Life Is a Soap Bubble
Truth is one, but the doors to find it can be many. And if you become attached to the door itself, you will stop at the door. Then the door of truth will never open for you.

Truth is everywhere. Everything that is, is truth. It has infinite forms. It is just like beauty. Beauty manifests itself in many forms, but that does not mean that beauty itself is many different things. What glows in the stars at night, and what gives off fragrance in the flowers, and what shows in the eyes as love – are they different from each another? The forms may be different, but the very same essence is present in them all. But he who gets stuck at the form never comes to know the soul. And he who stops at the beautiful is never able to experience beauty itself. Likewise, those who get stuck with words will remain without the truth.

Those who know this, transform obstacles on the path into stepping stones. And for those who do not know this, even stepping stones will become obstacles.

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