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Kurma Purana English

The Purana is a distinct branch of learning. It is treated as one of the Vidyas like the Samkhya and the Vedanta, it has its distinct theory of cosmology. The major Puranas are considered to be eighteen in numbers, known by Maha Puranas are considered to be eighteen in numbers, known by maha-Puranas. One of the important Puranas among the eighteen Maha-Purana is kurma Mahapurana, in which the narrator is Lord Visnu himself, in the form of a Kurama (tortoise).

Kurma Purana is divided into two sections, viz., Purava-Bhaga and Uttara-Bhaga. There are various stories in this Purana, full of great learning. Initially, the origin of Prajapatis, the duties of our Varna’s, and ht source of the livelihood of each of the varnas have been described. Similarly, the characteristics of Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksa have also been spelled out.

The characteristics of the great devotees, their conduct, their diet, etc. and the characteristics of the castes and stages of life have also been added in this Purana. Thereafter, the primordial creation, the seven coverings of the Anda (cosmic egg), and the origin of Hiranyagarbha have been related in this Purana.

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