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Islam vis-a-vis Hindu Temples

Islam has been tormenting Hindu society for more than thirteen hundred years. It has inflicted no end of grievous injuries on the Hindu homeland, Hindu population, and the Hindu heritage. It is high time Hindus should understand the system of belief from which Muslim behavior pattern evolves. Hindus have so far failed to study Islam from the orthodox sources. In fact, they have been more than willing to buy the fairy takes which the salesman of Islam have fabricated, particularly about the Prophet, the Pious Caliphs, and the Sufis.


About the Author

Sita Ram Goel was a writer and religious-political activist. He is well-known for his prominent books like “How I became Hindu”, “The Calcutta Quran Petition” and “The Rishi of a resurgent India” to name a few. Sita Ram Goel was also known for his writing style and most of his books comprised of the class between Hinduism and Islam as the theme. Now you can find books by Sita Ram Goel on Kapot.

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