Ashtakvarga: Concept and Application (PB)


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The Ashtakvarga system of Astrology is unique. lt gives at a glance the complete picture of a person’s health, wealth, finances, spiritual development, profession and the strength and weakness of the horoscope. No other system can predict as accurately the result ot transit of planets as Ashtakvarga does. A mere look at the Ashtakvarga Table shows the height a person can rise to in his profession and gives an exact picture of the dasha sctm: Without Ashtakvarga it is not possible to know as to why persons like Gulzari Lal Nanda and Eharan Singh were Prime Ministers for a short period only as against J. L. Nehru or Indira Gandhi who stayed in power for a much longer duration. The results of dreaded Saade Sati can be predicted with great accuracy. lt shows the circumstances under which period of Saade Sati instead of producing sorrow and dis- appointment can he a source of strength if the rasis concerned contain requisite nuniaes of bindus as calculated according to Ashtakvarga. The system can also be used in forecasting exact Muhurta under which a person should he married or which direction would one get success or from where to seek a bride. The tn: to fight an election, give interviews, take medicine, perform auspicious ceremonies or launch a satellite can be accurately forecast under this system. This can also be used for matching horoscope or to find which type of persons will help you in life. This prescrim procedure is simple and the results are highly accurate. Most of the hooks on Ashtakvarga are difficult to comprehend and give confusing detis The present book gives a step hy step and easy approach to make Ashtakvarga chart at comprehend predictive techniques. This is the only book of its kind that gives plenty of solved examples for practice and makes one proficient in the subject in no time.


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Ashtakvarga: Concept and Application

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