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112 Upanishads (Set Of 2 Vol)

Author: K.L. Joshi

112 Upaniṣads : (an exhaustive introduction, Sanskrit text, English translation & index of verses) carries details on all upanisads. Altogether, 112 Upanishads are described. All the verses are written in Sanskrit/Devanagari, with their translation in English.

The Upanisads are philosophical and theological mystical treatises forming the third division of the Veda; the preceding portions being the Mantras or Hymns, which are largely prayers and the Brahmanas or sacrificial rituals- the utterance, successively, of poet, priest and philosopher. There are two great departments of the Veda. The first is called Karma Kanda, the department of works, which embraces both Mantras and Brahmanas; and is followed by the vast majority f persons whose action of religion is laying up of merit by means of ceremonial prayers and sacrificial rites. The second is called Jnana-kanda, the department of knowledge. The present edition has been compiled with English translation of 112 important Upanisads many of which are being translated for the first time by a distinguished board of scholars. This edition provides an authentic translation of 112 Upanisads along with a complex index of verses and an exhaustive introduction.

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Author: K.L. Joshi
ISBN: 8171102430
Bound: Hard Bound
Publishing Date: 2007
Publisher: Parimal Publications
Pages: 1400
Language: Sanskrit Text with English Translations

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